How I became a taxi driver? Follow my resume together in a small catch:


I was born on 24 June of the year 1964 in Teufental AG, where Ispent The First Years of My Life. I went to kindergarten at depths AR.When I got to school age, my parents moved again to, namely to Gais. Been finally settled, I graduated from my school daysalmost Entirely in Gais. The last year of secondary school I was sitting on in Bühgler. Since the Tranportwesen has always fascinated me, I chose an education at the SBB. By the year 1990, I worked as a clerk SBB operation. When I was looking for achallenge, the Group Belcolor me what just right. I worked next 5years as a warehouseman, Maschnist, Sspediteur. After this veryinstructive time I got an offer from Grossenbacher. The four years Ispent as to electric motor assembly. Again, I Took over thepoached Deputy Managing Director as a machinist at the DOC AG. It was forecast write 3 years, until it tingled me back under thefingernails. Since the logistics have always fascinated me, I flowed from me to hire the taxi company Sprenger. I passed the examwithout any problems since I met with Andre Lanter a Fahrleher, Which corresponded Exactly meinervWellenlänge. My first job as a qualified taxi driver what to be Transported by a school bus Herald-disabled children. I then went to the front: City taxi was my newemployer with Whom I work in the excursion Continues today.